among us

The murder-mystery party game Among Us has managed to win the hearts of millions of fans in the last few months, and the game continues to grow steadily with a rising player count. However, fans of InnerSloth’s title weren’t very happy about dying in the game.

More often than not, players in public lobbies were seen quitting the game as soon as they get killed or ejected due to the role of ‘Ghosts’ being boring. But it appears like the devs have taken note of this issue, as they’ve claimed that they’re looking to make the role of ghosts more exciting with the implementation of new roles.

On October 1st, Among Us devs Forest Willard and  Marcus Bromander revealed on the Twitch Weekly Gaming Show about their future plans for the party game, and it included new game modes, player roles, and turning ghosts into ‘Guardian Angels’.

While details of this ‘Guardian Angel’ isn’t made clear by the devs, fans are suspecting that it may give ghosts the ability to protect crewmates from getting killed by the impostors.

“We’ve thought of a lot about Guardian Angels and stuff like that, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off but we’re definitely thinking about those sort of things.” Forest Willard, an Among Us developer, said in the stream.

InnerSloth had previously revealed that they’re canceling the Among Us sequel to invest more work into upgrading the current game. A bunch of new features being added to the game in near future should come as no surprise to fans considering the surge in popularity Among Us has been experiencing recently.

The devs have already managed to fix the server problems to a great extent, and fans are looking forward to seeing what’s next on InnerSloth’s list.