Free Fire unlimited playcards: Information and How to get them

Free Fire has an innovative way through which the players can use selective in-game items for a long time. Usually seen in any MOBA game, Free Fire offers certain item drops as a playcard. Here we will see how you can get unlimited playcards to never run out of items in Free Fire.

What are unlimited playcards

For understanding the usage of unlimited playcard, we have to understand what a simple playcard means. A playcard is a type of item voucher which is used to equip some items in a match. There is always a limited number of usage to any playcard and once a player runs out of the playcards, they cannot equip it until they recieve that specific item in future.

Now, an unlimited playcard is a voucher which allows player to take a designated item for unlimited times in matches. There is a time-limit to this voucher and once it is used, the normal playcards are not spent and hence, players can rebuild their inventory by opting for a time limited unlimited playcard.

Also there is a provision to stack these unlimited playcards by using them simultaneously. For example, if you have two cards with one-day validity per card, you can simply use both of them and combine the validity for two days of usage.

How to get unlimited playcards?

Unlimited playcards are less in number and only a few of them are actually available to redeem via various methods. The playcards that are available are as follows:

  • Bonfire
  • Bounty Token
  • Resupply map
  • Scan
  • Summon Airdrop

You can buy or redeem these unlimited playcards by following few methods:

Item store:

Simply buy the time-limited unlimited playcards from the item shop. It is very easy to buy and requires some diamonds in exchange. For longer time periods, the rate also increases.

Redeemable token

Players can also get the unlimited playcards for free by redeeming them via FF tokens. A seven-day unlimited playcard can be bought for 10 to 15 FF tokens, depending upon your choice.

Special drops

Sometimes, the game drops give you unlimited playcards for free. This is purely based on luck and the drops are very random. You cannot expect a certain drop for unlimited playcard by any method.

Character upgrades

When you upgrade some characters, you can redeem the unlimited playcards. Levelling up your existing characters can give you some playcard vouchers.

This is every ounce of information present on unlimited playcards. Make sure to check your inventory for existing unlimited playcards and use them, and if you ever run out of them, follow any of the method given above to buy or redeem more and more unlimited playcards in Free Fire.