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TSM to take legal actions against Godlike Esports in player poaching

The rift between TSM India and GodLike Esports doesn’t seem to go down any time soon. With the news spreading about the “Player Poaching controversy” all over the world. TSM India announced to take legal actions against GodLike Esports after accusing them to poach one of their BGMI players.

The response came after, Godlike Esports announced that they are in the process to file a criminal and civil case against the people who released private chats and made defamatory statements against Godlike Esports.

Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar, was an active member of TSM India’s BGMI roster. With him getting benched by the org, he looked out for other opportunities and joined Godlike Esports. Whereas, TSM India claimed that the player was poached by GodLike Esports and no proper player transfer or loan was done between the orgs.

To give their side of the information, TSM India officials released some private chats. In response to that Godlike Esports issued a statement, “There is constant slandering against GodLike in the media by an organization with whom SHADOW was associated with.

The controversy is being created despite there being none. SHADOW legally terminated his contract by sending a termination letter, post which he approached GodLike. We, at GodLike, followed all the legal and ethical procedures while engaging with SHADOW, as he was not bound by any agreement in existence.”

They further wrote, “They know they are wrong but are harassing us by creating hype on social media platforms. Due to constant slandering on media portals and news channels, we are constrained to make this statement that we are in the process of filing a criminal as well as a civil case against the people who are releasing private chats and making defamatory statements against GodLike.”

TSM India will also be pursuing legal action, they wrote “As of today i.e. 21st June 2022, TSM India will be pursuing legal action. This is about the integrity of competitive esports in India.

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