Top Five Characters in Free Fire according to ability

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Free Fire has tons of characters which can be used to gain advantage in various situations in-game. Players can use certain characters to suit their playstyle and gain some attributes. Here are the top five characters based on their ability which you can use in Free Fire.

Characters in Free Fire are an integral part of the game as it can dictate the outcome of some fights. Players need to select a good character according to their play style and adaptability.

Here are our top five picks of characters in Free Fire.

1. DJ Alok:

DJ Alok can be termed as the most used character in Free Fire. His ability is called as Beat the Drop which players and using it will allow players to move faster and regain some health points within a circular perimeter. Players in this range can get boosted with same effects.

This ability makes DJ Alok a preferable pick in close range fights as well as for long distance rotations through risky areas.

2. Jota

Jota became a decent pick in the latest update after receiving a brief revamp. His abilities were slightly changed and hence, he can be a strong pick if you prefer to take risk and play aggressively. Jota regains some health points after shooting a player and a knock down awards him by rejuvenating 10% Health Points.

If you want to challenge other players and take duels as well as close quarter fights, Jota is a strong pick for you.

3. Kelly

Kelly is one of the oldest and yet relevant characters in the game. Her ability allows her to move swiftly through various situations. After activating her ability, the first shot landed on opponent deals 100% extra damage and her effects last for 5 seconds. This makes her a swift character for players who prefer to play through multiple positions in a fight.

4. Chrono

Chrono is a special character that was added to the game when Garena collaborated with soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. This character was termed as broken when it was launched. His ability creates a force field that blocks damage coming from the outside and players within the field can still shoot at their opponents. The movement speed of Chrono users increase as well. This kit itself makes him a top-tier character in this list.

5. Olivia

Players who like to play defensive and hold the supportive role can select this character. Olivia is a proper support and her ability revives players with extra 30 HP. This means that knocked players will receive an additional 30 HP upon being revived. Players who do not like to be in limelight and are looking for helping out in teamfights can use Olivia.

This is our list of top five characters according to their abilities in Free Fire. You can try them and if they do not suit you, make sure to try other options as well.


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