Dynamo Gaming’s BGMI account banned in Russia

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Dynamo Gaming, one of the biggest gaming content creators has faced a ban in Battlegrounds Mobile India for trying to log into the game in a different country. Dynamo went on a vacation in Russia and tried to access BGMI from his hotel Wi-Fi connection but due to a regional change, his account was banned.

Dynamo is a massive PUBG Mobile content creator who shifted to other games during the ban and has now started practicing and streaming Battlegrounds Mobile India. He recently revealed that his account has been banned when he was on a vacation abroad.

He went on a long vacation in Russia and apparently forgot that the game is Battlegrounds Mobile India and not PUBG Mobile. He tried to open the game on the local network in Russia but it did not open. The loading screen kept popping up for a long time and after that, he received a notification that declared that his account has been banned.

This ban is imposed because of the regional change and Dynamo assured his fans that he is working with the officials to get the account back. He stated that his account may return back within a day but the account has not been unbanned yet.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a new game developed by Krafton for the Indian region only. This game is quite similar to the other localized versions of PUBG Mobile where players from other regions cannot access the game.

Dynamo tried to access the game from an entirely different country and hence received the ban. His account may return back very soon but this action clarifies that overseas players cannot play BGMI unless and until it is accessed from India.


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