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How to get Medic Medal in COD Mobile?

Activision has inculcated a unique medal system in Call of Duty Mobile where players can earn various medals for their achievements. These can be showcased on the main profile or could be used to complete various tasks. A recently featured event in COD Mobile requires players to earn Medic Medal and here is how you can do it.

The medal system in COD Mobile is a special way to identify or characterize a player’s in-game playstyle. Most of these awards are distributed after completing a certain task only.

The developers keep adding various events in COD Mobile and assign certain tasks to it. Players can complete them to earn various rewards ranging from small goodies to permanent camos and equipment. Some of these tasks need players to earn that specific medal.

If you are looking to earn Medic Medal in COD Mobile, you need to play BR matches and keep healing. The medal is awarded to players who recover a total of 200 HP in a single match.

Drop into any BR map and play the match normally but keep in mind that you will have to use health packages at least twice to pass the 200 HP mark. After that, finish your match and the medal will be directly awarded.


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