Project M accused of copying Valorant

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Mobile iterations of PC Games have found success of the highest order, with PUBG PC and COD Mobile being the frontrunners to set precedents. Valorant’s debut year saw the game garner millions of active players and fans are left longing for a mobile version that was teased months ago.

Project M is a brand new mobile game that has been accused of copying Valorant for its uncanny resemblance with Riot’s FPS. Not to mention the name “Project M” is the most obvious hint given how Valorant was initially named as “Project A” before it was coined the name “Valorant”.

Valorant has come across immense success but having the game in the PC landscape has kept it away from the untapped potential that comes with PC games getting ported for iOS and Android. The appeal for a mobile version of Valorant was addressed by Riot confirming that it was in the making.

Project M has been widely accused by the community of ripping off Valorant’s popularity by putting together a game for mobile the resembles Valorant in most aspects.

Several elements in the trailer were dubbed as a borderline copy from Riot’s tactical shooter.  “They didn’t even try to change it. They just straight up rip off Valorant. Same ability, same gun concept, same kill VFX”. said Karlsson Chee.

The community is expecting another lawsuit from Riot unless the developers decide to make changes at the time of its beta launch. Riot does not shy away from a lawsuit which puts the developers of Project M in a really challenging situation.

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