Four best Free Fire Character combinations with Dj Alok

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Free Fire is a unique battle royale game where the focus is equally divided between aiming skills and the utility of available resources in the game. This means that players need to select correct characters in order to take a lead in their matches and one of the ways to do so is by having a good character combination.

Garena has a character system in Free Fire where players can select a main character and pair its abilities with three other characters in maches. Most of the players prefer to select Dj Alok due to his most versatile kit in-game and add three other characters alongside him to make the squad strong.

Dj Alok has an active ability called ‘Drop the Beat’ which gives a moment speed boost and heals allies as well as the players for a short period of time. This active ability is paired with three other characters’ passive abilities and here we take a look at some of the good combinations you can use in-game.

1. DJ Alok with Shirou, Moco and Kelly

Shirou’s passive ability marks an enemy and deals 50% armor penetration on the first shot. Moco and her ability can be used to mark enemies as well and gain a vision advantage which Dj Alok lacks and Kelly can act as a supportive roll to engage or disengage with her super fast movement speed boost.

This combination can work with Dj Alok as the focus with Kelly as the secondary character and the rest in supporting role. Shirou can be switched according to the situations but this combination gives a good advantage to Dj Alok players.

2. DJ Alok with Kapella, Maxim and Moco

This combination is one of the best combinations on this list with focus on the healing and having a slightly defensive composition. Kapella can be used to boost the healing provided by Dj Alok and Maxim reduces time consumed while using health packs. This means that the first three characters create a ultimate healing trio and can be paired with any character of your liking. Moco will once again mark the enemies in this composition and Dj Alok will be the aggressive lead.

3. DJ Alok with Jota, D-BEE and Antonio

Jota’s ability was revamped recently where the character now earns some HP by shooting the opponent and 10% of health is recovered when the enemy is knocked down. This can be paired with Antonio, who starts with additional HP due to his passive and D-BEE. The character D-BEE is used to increase movement speed and accuracy and hence, this composition will provide players with a strong frontline and an agile combination.

4. DJ Alok with Hayato, Rafael and Moco

Hayato is a risky pick where players gain additional armor penetration according to the HP lost. This can be combined DJ Alok as the secondary character and Rafael and Moco as the support. Rafael silences the gunfire and hence, it can confuse enemies to determine the location of their opponents and Moco will once again tag the enemies for better vision and range.

This is our list of top four picks of Free Fire characters that can be combined with Dj Alok. You can switch the order or add your own characters to the fray as per your own liking.


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