Ronak says Krafton will host BGMI LAN after game returns

Ronak Janjuha is a professional BGMI pro and content creator that is known to be one of the first players to compete with the legendary Team Soul roster. According to Ronak, BGMI is set to return in India very soon and the developers will host a LAN tournament to celebrate its launch.

BGMI and its launch has became a hot topic in India as the officials have not been responsive on this matter and audience has turned towards their favourite content creators for the answers. One of the fans asked Ronak some questions on the same topic and he gave some interesting answers.

Ronak was recently streaming on YouTube and after a viewer asked to give some update about BGMI ban, Ronak stated that BGMI will return back in India very soon. Furthermore, he has claimed that Krafton will host a LAN tournament for the same.

BGMI launch last year was done in a very similar manner with the game being launched around September 2021 and BGMI India Series was announced right after this launch. If we look at the existing trend, there is a strong possibility that a similar thing can happen.

Krafton has not responded to questions posed by the community as their first and only response was that they were working with the Indian government to resolve this issue. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the game is officially banned in the country, making it very hard to guess where the return is possible or not.

If Ronak’s sources turn out to be true, Indian BGMI community can hope to have a BGMI LAN event very soon in India.