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Mortal guides players on how to pick esports as career

Mortal is a well known content creator and one of the biggest gaming celebrity in India. He has grown multifold within a short span of two years and has inspired many to choose a career in gaming. He recently explained how a player should approach gaming as a career and here are the excerpts.

Esports industry has grown a lot in India and one of the biggest reasons for this is the arrival of PUBG Mobile and subsequently BGMI in the country. This game has provided a lot to Indian players and paved a path for many to be professional athletes. Mortal is one of such players.


In one of his recent streams, Mortal explained his perspective on how a player can become professional gamer in India. He explained the necessary steps and actions that one has to take to fulfill this dream, which is hard but not impossible.

Mortal said that everyone should pursue a career in gaming as a side career and not a full time thing while starting out. He explained that this can be compared with any hobby that an individual can have and how one can grow with it.

A player should start their journey into gaming as a side hustle and continue with their full time education or job until they make it. Mortal correlated this with a soccer example where players can play the sport as a hobby in hopes of making it to the professional stage one day.

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