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Free Fire: How to get more kills in Kalahari

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Free Fire is a well-known battle royale game and has many maps in its arsenal. Some of the maps like Bermuda have existed for a long time but there are occasional new additions and Kalahari was one of them. This map is not new but stands out because of its odd terrain and dusty landscape. If you want to master this map and score a high number of kills, use the tips given below.

Kalahari is a sandy map in Free Fire with many mountains and hilly areas that could be used to scout the enemies. The majority of this map is just an open area so it is quite easy to set up traps and play tactically. It is not exactly a specific method through which you can get kills and completely depends on the situation but following these tips might assist you to get more kills than usual.

Pick Hotdrop locations

If you want to go for a double-digit number of kills, it is important to be brave and take risks from the very start. You need to jump into the most hotspot location in Kalahari and try to contest entire squads from the beginning. There is a slight advantage if you are on the aggressive side because you are ready to face the opponents and but they do not expect quick combat.

Hotdrop to big cities and pick up whichever guns you find nearby and rush towards the enemies. If they do not find enough loot, you can easily take them down and get a high number of kills at the very start.

Move from cover to cover

It is important to play tactically while aiming for a good number of kills. If you just blindly rush it, chances of getting taken down are very high so make sure to make good decisions and position yourself in such a way that you will have an advantage over the opponents.

The most basic way to do so is just to take cover while traveling and hold high ground locations. This helps in scouting out enemies and even if you need to take fights on the go, you will have a hardcover as compared to your opponents and hence it will be easy to kill them.

Scout for enemies

Scouting is a necessary skill that is required to win games in battle-royale games. If you want to become decent then you should be aware of your surroundings and always keep an eye on small things. It can be sound effects of cars or things like rendering which will make you aware that enemies are nearby.

After spotting the enemy, instantly take a favourable position and take them out.

Use Sniper Rifles

This is one of the essential things to do in Kalahari. It is a big map and you will fight long-range battles more often in the late game. When you clear the jump locations, look out for good loot and pick up a sniper with a good scope. This sniper could then be used for scouting as well as taking down enemies from a distance.

These are the tips that might help you to get a good amount of kills in Kalahari in Free Fire. Some of them are basic but remember that having a basic approach will set the games in your favor and even help you win them in the end.

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