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Free Fire Valentine Star Event: Everything you need to know

Free Fire is celebrating Valentine’s Day in its own way as it has added a special in-game event that offers some exclusive items for a small-time period. Free Fire is known for its innovative ideas in creating new events and this time, the new Valentine Star event is a tweaked spin system with some interesting rewards.

Garena is known for bringing some creative content in their flagship mobile game, Free Fire. Even though it is a battle-royale title, one can expect to see everything from a rugged army outfit to a furry costume on the in-game characters. These alluring skins tempt the player base and developers make sure that some of them are available for free via their in-game events.

Free Fire Valentine Star Event Details

Free Fire and its in-game events vary from normal daily tasks to big collaborations with prominent figures in various industries. One of the most common events in the game is a Spin cycle in which one can spend diamonds and unlock certain rewards. In the recent Valentine Star event, Free Fire has changed its format and added common items at the start. As one spends more diamonds on spins, special rewards are added in the vacant slot and you can claim everything after 10 spins.

Garena has provided a simplified set of steps through which you can unlock the rewards. The event description is as follows:

  • Spin Valentine’s star to win prizes
  • Each time players win a prize, it will be removed from the star
  • One grand prize will be added to the star after each spin
  • All grand prizes guaranteed within ten spins
  • The first spin is free

The special rewards included in this event are as follows:

  • Gloo Wall – Power of Love
  • Golden Rose – Backpack
  • Pet Skin: Valentine’s Fox
  • Season of Love
  • Rose Bandana

How to get Rewards in Free Fire Valentine Star Spin

Follow these simple steps to unlock several rewards in this event:

  1. Go to the Calendar section and click on ‘Valentine Star’
  2. Click on ‘Spin’ and it will unlock a random reward.
  3. Repeat the process until you unlock all the rewards.

Remember that a total of 10 spins are needed to unlock all the items and first one is free. The next spin costs 20 diamonds and prices will rise accordingly. This event is live from 10th February and will run till 18th February so make sure to unlock all the items before time runs out.

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