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How to unlock the new character Shirou in Free Fire?

Free Fire has launched an innovative campaign to promote their latest update and new content added with it. Garena has decided to make their latest character named ‘Shirou’ to become free-for-all if the user base manages to cross a certain number of comments on their latest social media post. This is an interesting way to engage with the fanbase on social media and the response has been great so far. You can unlock Shirou for free in Free Fire if the post given below reaches a total of 200,000 comments.

Free Fire is well-known for its avid methods to entertain the user base. Most of this entertainment is confined to the in-game ecosystem and rarely makes it out of Free Fire. Some freebies are given away during the esports tournaments but this time, they have decided to include social media.

Shirou is the latest character that is about to be launched in Free Fire with the next seasonal update. This character has built up a lot of hype for now and has an interesting kit that might pursue many to buy it whenever it goes public. Most of these characters are paid and can only be unlocked by spending a large number of diamonds but after a long time, Garena has decided to make a fan-favorite character completely free.

In the post, Free Fire India Official has announced that players can unlock Shirou for free by participating in a new online event. In this event, players need to comment on the post and after reaching 200,000 comments, the new character will be available for free for the server

How to unlock Shirou in Free Fire

You can follow these simple steps given below to unlock Shirou for free:

  • Step One: Follow Free Fire India official Instagram handle.
  • Tag three friends and then comment your UID
  • After the post reaches 200K comments, you will get Shirou for free.

There is a small catch in this event. Players need to complete the goal of reaching 200K before 11th February 2021. A complete day is still available to complete this task so tag your friends and inform everybody about this giveaway to get Shirou for free.


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