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Free Fire Vehicles: How to pick correct vehicle in every situation

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Free Fire is a battle-royale title and even though the maps are comparatively smaller than other traditional battle-royale games, it still requires a lot of traveling to get into the safe zones and acquire a stronghold. One of the most important parts of playing strategically is using correct vehicles and rotation paths in Free Fire.

Garena has given many options for its Free Fire player base where they can select the vehicle of their own choice but to know which one to take in every situation is important. Selecting a random car could be your go-to option but if you put in some extra effort and get the correct vehicle, it may increase your chances of winning. Here is the list of vehicles available in Free Fire and how to use them in several situations.


Jeep is the most stable vehicle in Free Fire. It has decent speed and acceleration to take you to various places in a short amount of time and is sturdy enough to tank some damage. Overall, you can blindly pick a Jeep if you come across one. This vehicle is quite popular and probably the most used car in Free Fire.

Monster Truck

As the name suggests. Monster Trucks are humongous versions of Jeep but without much cover. They have large wheels which can help you to tread mountainous terrain but they are not suitable for places like straight roads or cities. If you pick a monster truck to travel across an open plot or city areas, chances of getting killed are very large as the speed is comparatively slower with scarce cover.


This is the fastest vehicle available in Free Fire. A motorcycle or a bike is very suitable if you are the lone survivor of the team or are playing in solo or duo mode. As the housing space is only limited to two, using a motorcycle in squad matches is not a good choice. As the speed is very high, you can dash across the map in a small amount of time. The motorcycle should be used only if you are playing solo or if you are in a hurry to get into the safe zone.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is not a viable option to use in any condition. It is a sturdy truck with slow speed and lacks a cover. It can be compared to the monster truck but still, we do not recommend using it. If you do not find any other vehicle in the vicinity, then use a pickup truck as a temporary mode of travel and find other vehicles nearby.

Sports Car

The last vehicle on this list is a sports car. As per the name, a Sports car is a fancy vehicle with fast speed but lacks sustainability. You can pick a sports car to travel fast and in style but chances of getting blown up are pretty high. Pick this vehicle if you need to travel through straight roads across various cities and do not use it in hilly areas or any space with unstable topography.

This is everything you need to know about the vehicles in Free Fire. The veteran players can understand car preferences very easily and select the best ones as per the situation but classifying vehicles for newbies is important.


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