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Free Fire Help Center: Everything you need to know

Free Fire is a very popular mobile battle-royale title having millions of active players around the world. Operating such a large game is a big task and some users are bound to face issues in the long run. To tackle this problem, Garena has set up a ‘Help Center’ for their title Free Fire. Through this website, players can solve almost each and every issue related to the game.

Free Fire Help Center is your go-to option if you are facing any problems with the game. If the issues are occurring on a large scale, chances are that developers have already noticed the glitches and are working on it but if there are some minor problems which are only user-specific, you can troubleshoot it using this website.

One can easily navigate their way on this website but there are some certain criterions in which players will find the perfect fix for their solution very easily. These categories are Game Concerns, Payment Issues and Technical Issues.

Under the Game concerns, each and every problem related to Free Fire is enlisted. Players can look for the solutions of several minor bugs and things like account bans, reports and abuse policy are covered under this section.

Payment Issues is self-explanatory section in which all the monetary transactions and their problems are solved. If you paid for the diamonds and did not receive them in-game, this is the section you should visit.

Technical Issues refer to other problems which might trouble the users. Things like game unavailability on official app stores or problems while installing the package could be solved by visiting this section.

There is one more section about the announcements under which, several articles address the latest announcements regarding Free Fire and post certain fixes to problems very frequently. If you do not find a solution in all the sections mentioned above, announcements could be your last try before filing a ticket.

Submitting a ticket is the best way to get your problem solved by the developers. After visiting the website, players can click on the ‘Submit a Request’ button located on the top-right corner of the screen. Under this section, there will be drop-down box with three options enlisted as given below:

  • Game Concerns
  • Hacker report
  • Payment and Missing Items

You can select one of this options and then proceed to fill out a form. For example, if you have game concerns then a form like this will appear. Simply fill the required details and click on submit, your problems will be answered by the relevant teams through the email address provided.

This is everything you need to know about the Free Fire Help Center. Simply select the relevant sections or fill out the necessary details via a ticket to solve your problems.

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