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Corpse Husband breathing sound loop goes viral on Twitter

If you keep an eye out for the streaming industry, chances are you’ve heard about Corpse Husband, a mysterious streamer who shifted to playing games from telling horror stories on YouTube. For the majority of 2020, he hopped onto the Among Us bandwagon that resulted in his channel blowing up.

A mysterious personality matched with an eerie voice made him one of the favorites on YouTube.

In his last Tweet, Corpse posted a loop of himself heavily took Twitter by storm. The tweet since then has amassed an incredible 300K likes and over 40K retweets, which is amazing for something so uncanny like a clip of spooky breathing.

However, the same secretiveness around his personality is one of the many reasons that helped him grow. Given his growth in 2020, he brought the same momentum heading into 2021 as his videos continue to attract a large number of audience. His merch selling out in minutes explains how crazy his fans are about him.

Corpse Breathing Sound

Download Corpse Breathing Sound Here – Click Here To Download.

Given the hype surrounding Corpse, it’s no surprise that such a clip would go viral. Then again, his entire online personality is entire of a spooky nature. Fans have interpreted various meaning out of it, some suggested that, given his medical history, he might be in pain from his chronic illness; while other fans took a philosophical view at it, with one of them stating “Corpse breathing isn’t just a sound, its a cultural reset, its a lifestyle, a reason for us to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. its art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted.” in a Tweet.

We don’t know what Corpse Husband actually meant by it, but as we know from his past tweets that his health is constantly on a decline that renders him incapable of streaming, so if he is hinting towards a medical issue, the solution would be to corellate clinically without the fear of his identity getting revealed.

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