Corpse Husband’s chronic illness got fans worried

Corpse Husband revealed to be chronically ill and fans are worried.

corpse husband times square

Corpse Husband leaving a game early got fans worried about his health as he claims to be chronically ill for years. Leaving a game, and not interacting was very uncharacteristic of Corpse Husband that left the viewers and his friends fretted about his health.

Corpse Husband seemed to be enjoying a game of Raft with other content creators when everyone noticed that he was not being his usual self. He chose to ignore his friend’s concerns and left the game without saying much. Later, #selfcareforcorpse was trending on Twitter after he revealed that he is in constant pain due to being chronically ill for years.

is corpse husband sick?

Fans who were already aware of his health were relieved with the Tweet where Corpse Husband claims to be in good health at the moment. 100 Thieves Valkyrae was one of the first to respond, asking him to prioritize his health over streaming before offering to play again someday when he is in better shape.

He has seen an influx of new followers in the past few months and definitely one of the unscripted success stories in an unscripted 2020. Social blade points out a rise of over 4.5 million followers in the past two months for him which is insane.

Corpse might as well take a break in this holiday season and come back swinging in 2021 looking to continue this momentum.

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