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Valkyrae reveals her YouTube earnings on stream

Popular YouTubers earn a lot which is common knowledge, while some boast their earnings, others consider it to be something personal and keep it to themselves. 100 Thieves content creator Valkyrae is bound to earn a lot given her newfound success in 2020, part of which is because of Among Us.

During a stream yesterday, she accidentally revealed her analytics column while going through the YouTube dashboard. It is clear that she did it by accident but her earning is spreading like fire over at Twitter and Reddit, with a comment yet pending from her.

How much does Valkyrae earn?

The screenshot makes it clear where the revenue is generated from, given the amazing viewership numbers. In the past 28 days, Valkyrae’s content including her videos and streams garnered a whopping $172,908.21, With a 6% drop in revenue noticed from the past 28 days span. Those numbers are normal for the 36.4 million views and 8.4 million hours of watch time.

The 6% drop in her earnings is likely from the dying hype of Among Us. It’s only natural for a game like that to fall outside the popularity chart after being there for a while. Now that Among Us has started to fall out of flavor, Valkyrae must turn to other games to keep her viewership number as high as ever. Newer games must be the face of her content if she wants to continue the massive influx of new fans.

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