Top 100 VALORANT players for NA Region with Leaderboards revealed

Riot Games have revealed the top 100 valorant players from NA Region.

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Through a series of Tweets on December 22nd, Riot Games have revealed the best players of Valorant across the regions. These leaderboards list the top 100 players on ranked matchmaking of NA Region.

Top 100 Valorant Players NA

Valorant Leaderboards NA (December 2020)

It seems like the North American throne is currently occupied by Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, the former CSGO pro who currently plays for Cloud9. TenZ is undoubtedly one of the finest Valorant players of the world, if not the best. The 19-year-old is followed by ‘DOINKMACHINE87’ at the #2 spot and ‘Cryocells’ at #3.

Here are your top 10 players of the North American region as revealed by Riot:

  1. TenZ
  3. Cryocells
  4. BcJ
  5. ELV Exalt
  6. 100T Asuna
  7. SEN Sick
  8. ELV Bankroft
  9. BBG Will
  10. GenG Shawn

Riot had previously confirmed in an episode of dev diaries that they were working on regional ranked leaderboards for their competitive shooter. It appears like the new feature may not be so distant after these regional top 100s were revealed today.

top na players valorant
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