Who is DOINKMACHINE97? Valorant’s Top Leaderboard Player From NA

Poiz is renowned across the North American Valorant scene for his extraordinary Jett plays.


If you’ve taken a look at the North American Valorant leaderboards which were revealed by Riot Games yesterday, you’re probably familiar with the name of ‘Poiz’ aka ‘DOINKMACHINE97’.

After Poiz took over the #1 spot in the leaderboards from the Cloud9 star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, he was in the center of attention from the NA Valorant community. However, a lot of people were left asking who the rising star really is, and we’re here to resolve some of your doubts.

While not much is known about Poiz, the Jett main has claimed that he occupies positions #1, #8, and #13 in the Valorant NA Leaderboards released yesterday, which means you can identify him in-game with the nicknames ‘DOINKMACHINE97’ (Ranked #1), ‘poiz’ (#8), or ‘shadowGOD399’ (#13).

If you haven’t checked poiz’s gameplay out yet, you’re missing out. You can take a look at his YouTube channel here, where he regularly uploads clips of his gameplay, primarily with Jett. We can guarantee that you’ll learn a couple of cool Jett tricks by taking a glance at one of his videos. Poiz currently holds a subscriber count of just over 1,260.

DOINKMACHINE97 (Poiz) Valorant Team –

Poiz is currently playing for the Valorant roster of team ‘Straight Outta Ranked’, as mentioned by the org through a tweet made earlier this month.

Poiz has also created a Twitch channel recently where he plans to start streaming soon.

DOINKMACHINE97 Valorant Settings

Poiz Valorant Settings

Here are the in-game settings of poiz as he has mentioned in one of his videos:

DPI: 800 DPI
In-game sensitivity: 0.42
Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless
Keyboard: Logitech G Pro
Refresh Rate: 144hz