COD Mobile Season Two Release Date and New Features

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Activision has officially announced that the next season of Call of Duty: Mobile is right around the corner and a seasonal update will be released very soon. The developers also revealed a ton of information about this new patch and confirmed that two new maps, guns, and operators. Keep reading this article to know the COD Mobile Season 2 release date along with all the new features.

New Maps: Shipment and Shoot House

The new update will be pushed on the global servers next week and players will get a ton of new content. The developers are adding two new multiplayer maps that may seem familiar to the COD veterans. These maps are taken from Modern Warfare and will be introduced into the game with the next seasonal update.

The maps are confirmed by developers in their community update and they have revealed that Shipment and Shoot House will be launched in-game very soon.

New Weapons

Activision has confirmed that they are going to add two new weapons to the game. One of the weapons is an assault rifle and will be available in the battle pass free of cost and the sniper rifle will be added to the game under the seasonal events section. Both of these guns could be unlocked for free after completing some in-game tasks.

The leaks suggest that the assault rifle is AS Val Russian rifle and the sniper is named “SP-R 208 Marksmen rifle”. The blueprints of these weapons were teased in the update and are shown below.

New Character: Ghost

COD Mobile is finally getting the Ghost character after a long wait. Activision has decided to add this character in the next update and Ghost is also adapted from COD Modern Warfare. This character will be Jeff Leach and will come to COD Mobile in the next season.

New Scorestreak: Napalm

A new scorestreak named Napalm will be added to the game. This scorestreak is said to “rain long lasting fire” on the enemies and will act as a firing UAV. The details hint that players could set the trajectory of this scorestreak and it will along with that way. After the explosion, the affected area will be covered in smoke.

Other minute changes and small features will be introduced in the game but they are not mentioned here. COD Mobile will get some new perks and utilities but they will be revealed when the update is released.

COD Mobile Season 2 Release Date

Activision has not released an exact release date for the Season 2 update of COD Mobile but they have mentioned that it will be out next week in the official teaser of this new season. One can expect to see all the new content in-game with the new seasonal update in the next week.

These are the details released by the developers regarding the next update of COD Mobile. Let us know what you like the most about this new update.

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