Activision to add new mode Tank Battle in COD Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile is receiving a new game mode in the upcoming update and the leaks have suggested that it is going to be called “Tank Battle”. This mode will be available in the battle royale mode and in it, players need to assemble their own tank and add attachments to it to prepare a fully functional battle panzer. Here are the details of the new Tank Battle mode in COD Mobile.

Activision recently released the test build for COD Mobile Season 2 where the new content is being tested. Players who gained access to this mode have dropped some clips regarding the upcoming changes and the Tank Battle mode has been confirmed through this.

The test builds are beta applications where developers test their new features before releasing them on the global server. Most of the features added there are immediately introduced in COD Mobile with the next update. In the current testing, players have spotted many features and the most important change is the new mode.

COD Mobile Tank Battle Details

In the Tank Battle mode, players need to collect various components of a tank and assemble it to make a fully functional war tank. These parts are available at the vending shops across the map and after collecting a total of five components, players can use them to make the tank.

credits: AnonymousYT

This tank is sturdy and supports some external attachments like a machinegun and missile launcher. One can attach any of these to make a more dangerous vehicle. The tank will be bulky and very hard to drive across the map, making you an easy target in certain scenarios.

credits: AnonymousYT

Along with the tank, some weaponry is added to counter this bulky object. Players can collect mines, bombs, and other equipment to counter players abusing the tank. One can burst down the tank with this utility, making it a fair battle for both parties.

This new mode will be added to the game in the COD Mobile Season 2 update. This update is right around the corner so players will get to try their hands on this new mode very soon.


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