COD Mobile Season 2 Public Test Build

Activision has restarted the open testing for the next season of COD Mobile and has released a public test build. This build is like a beta application of COD Mobile where new features are tested and players get to try their hands on them. These tests are usually done in a controlled format with a limited number of seats. The public test build for COD Mobile Season 2 is out and you can download it from the links given below.

This beta application will feature a ton of new content that COD Mobile will add to the game with the next update. Most of this is added slowly to the global version with minute changes. The developers do not release the build in an open environment as seats are limited and hence, they are only revealed in the community updates.

COD Mobile Season 2 Public Test Build Download Links

Currently, the beta test build has 20,000 slots, divided equally between the Android and iOS users. The game can simply be downloaded but you need to hurry as the seats are filled very quickly. Here is how to download it for various platforms.

For Android:

  • Click here to download the application.
  • Simply install it and try the new features.

For iOS:

  • Download Testflight for iOS and install it.
  • Click here to download the game and install it as well.
  • Enjoy the new features of this beta test build.

Remember that each platform has only 10,000 vacant slots and the testing has already begun. The developers might add some slots so you can wait if the slots are already filled. This testing end on 6th March and players can try out the new features within this limited time period.

You can run this test build alongside the global version of the game so do not hesitate while installing the new game.

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