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COD Mobile Nailbiter event: Get Helicopter skin for free

Activision has introduced a new featured event in Call of Duty: Mobile where players can earn several skins and tons of EXP points for free after completing some simple tasks. This event features exciting rewards and you can get a Cosmic Wave camo for Helicopter as the ultimate prize. Here is how to complete the Nailbiter event and get all the prizes in COD Mobile.

The seasonal and featured events in COD Mobile are basically a way through which the developers introduce new content to the game such as new guns, utilities, scorestreaks, and more. Players who do not like to spend their money on the game can simply complete such tasks and get the items for free.

COD Mobile Nailbiter Event Details:

This time, Activision has added skins as rewards and this makes the event more special. You will get a total of three skins for completing this event and you can unlock each reward by completing tasks subsequently. Here are the tasks for this event.

  • Complete 5 consecutive kills in MP ranked matches 3 times: 10 points
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots in MP ranked matches: 10 points
  • Open weapon supply boxes 5 times in Battle Royale classic mode: 10 points
  • Enter the top 15 in BR Isolated twice: 10 points
  • Survive in Battle Royale Isolated for 20 minutes: 10 points
  • Assist teammates 3 times in MP ranked matches: 20 points
  • Use scorestreaks 10 times in MP ranked matches: 20 points
  • Kill 10 enemies with Operator skill in MP ranked matches: 10 points
  • Play 3 MP ranked matches with friends: 20 points
  • Open 5 airdrops in BR: 10 points

After competing a certain task, you will gain the points as mentioned above and the task bar will move ahead. To get all the skins, you need to get a total of 120 points. The rewards are as follows:

  • 10 Weapon Cards for 60 points
  • 300 COD Credits for 80 points
  • ORV – Cosmic Wave camo for 90 points
  • KRM-262 – Warp camo for 100 points
  • Helicopter – Cosmic Wave camo for 120 points

Complete all the tasks given above and get these rewards for free. This event ends on 4th March so make sure to hurry up before the time runs out.

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