Female COD Mobile player ‘Sol’ murdered by male player ‘Flashlight’

Brazilian Call of Duty: Mobile female pro Ingrid ‘Sol’ Oliveira Bueno da Silva was reportedly murdered by another player named Guilherme ‘Flashlight’ Alves Costa. Ingrid ‘Sol’ Oliveira Bueno da Silva was stabbed to death and found in the home of Flashlight, who was detained immediately.

A report from ESPN Brazil reveals that the crime was committed on 22nd February and the body was found at the house of ‘Flashlight’ in Pirituba, São Paulo. Guilherme Alves Costa confessed to the crime and surrendered within 30 minutes of committing the crime.

Flashlight met Sol online and reportedly planned the murder in a notebook where the reasons for this act were also mentioned by him. He stated that “My sanity is completely fine” and “I wanted to do this” after being detained.

Guilherme ‘Flashlight’ Alves Costa allegedly circulated the images of the body on Whatsapp groups after committing the heinous crime. 

According to a statement from Gamers Elite Clan, Alves Costa “sent a video in the group of the organization, where he supposedly had just killed a woman, filmed and shared.” The case has been registered as a qualified homicide.

Ingrid ‘Sol’ Oliveira Bueno da Silva was a 19-year-old professional Call of Duty: Mobile female player for FBI Esports. The organization expressed their grief on the Instagram stories and mourned for their loss.