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Valorant Devs Considering Changes for New Agent Astra Even Before Her Actual Release

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The highly anticipated Episode 2 Act 2 of Riot Games’ competitive shooter Valorant is nearing its release, and the hype surrounding the upcoming agent Astra continues to grow.

However, it seems like the developers are considering changes for the controller even before her actual release, as a game-breaking bug has been found by streamers AverageJonas and ONSCREEN during the testing phase of the new agent.

For the unaware, Astra has an ability that lets her move into astral form to place stars around the map which she can use later to trigger her other abilities. However, an exploit lets players detect fake defuses and differentiate them from the actual ones.

Needless to say, this can cause some serious problems for the opposing team if this exploit isn’t patched before Astra is introduced to competitive Valorant.

Luckily, the Riot devs have taken note of this issue, and have confirmed that they’ll look to fix this out at the earliest.

“Being able to see bomb defusal status in Astral Form? Yeah, we don’t like this behavior and are looking into options now,” a Valorant developer said. “I’m not sure how easy/difficult changing this would be since I’m not an engineer, so I can’t make promises on timelines, but we’re not fans of this behavior and are seeing what we can do.”

Valorant Episode 2 Actu 2 is expected to hit the live servers on March 2nd. Players will be hoping for this game-breaking Astra exploit to be patched out before its final release.

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