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BGMI Esports disqualifies 41 teams from BMOC after violation of multiple rules

The organizers of first big BGMI esports event called Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 has released a long list of teams that have violated multiple sections of BMOC rulebook, ultimately leading to a disqualification.

BMOC 2022 is an open-for-all event where teams were meant to register online and the top 512 teams qualified for the four online rounds. After the conclusion of first round, BGMI esports has announced that 41 teams are disqualified from the tournament for violating sections 2.1.5, 3.2 and 6.2.4.

The list of teams that were banned from BMOC 2022 are as follows:

The teams did not adhere to some sections of BMOC 2022 rulebook as well as Code of Conduct. The cited sections are as follows:

  • Section 2.1.5: Single Team Exclusivity. A Team Member or coach is only allowed to compete for the one team that they have an agreement with. A team member or coach will not be allowed to compete for more than one team simultaneously and therefore cannot be listed on the roster of more than one team.
  • Section 3.2: Submission of the Roster and Team Registration. Before the start of any Official Competition, each Team must register its roster using the tools provided by KRAFTON or Tournament Organizer. Once the registration period ends, the roster will be locked. Substitutions or roster changes may be allowed only in exigent circumstances per the sole discretion of KRAFTON and Tournament Organizer. The use of unapproved players or substitutes is strictly prohibited.
  • Section 6.2.4: Ringing. Playing under another player’s account or Gamer Tag, or soliciting or inducing someone else to play a under another player’s account or Gamer Tag, is prohibited.

As it is clearly evident, players have not adhered to the team exclusivity clause which ultimately lead to ringing and other activities. Players that were not registered at first were seen playing in the tournament and hence, the entire team was disqualified from the main event.

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