BGMI Esports 2022 Roadmap Explained: BMOS and BMPS Season 1 Details

Krafton Inc. has made a huge announcement today and revealed the roadmap for the official competitive season of BGMI in 2022. This season will have a total of four tournaments and a cumulative prize pool of ₹6 crore. As the stakes have rose, the competition will be fierce as well.

Soon after the announcement of BGMI 2022 roadmap, Krafton Inc. published a video on the official YouTube channel of BGMI. This video dives deep into the BGMI esports 2022 roadmap and gives some additional information about the first two tournaments.

The following four tournaments will be hosted this year and out of these, BMOS will be the first open-for-all event in BGMI esports. The names are as follows:

  • BMOC – Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge
  • BMPS – Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1
  • BMIS – Battlegrounds Mobile India Series
  • BMPS – Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2

The first event will be called as Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge and all the BGMI players in India can register for it. The registrations will begin by February end and the first online qualifiers will start by March end.

BMOS will have a total of three rounds and the final 24 teams at the end of BMOS round 3 2 will directly qualify to BMPS Season 1.

The first in-game qualifiers will have 512 top teams and the number will be shortened to 256 in the next round. Ultimately, 64 teams will move to round three and out of them, the top 24 teams will qualify for BMPS S1 as mentioned before.

These top 24 teams will be mixed with a number of invited teams and they will battle it out in the BMPS S1 qualifiers. The top 24 teams from qualifiers will move to the league stage and from there, top 16 will make their way into the grand finals.

BMPS S1 has a massive prize pool of ₹2 Crore so get ready and start practicing to make a name in BGMI 2022 esports season.