PUBG Mobile India ‘APK Download’ Button Briefly Appeared For Some Users On Friday

PUBG Mobile India is working on its website as the game is likely to be re-launched in the near future.

pubg mobile india

As the game is about to be re-launched in India, though insignificant, the developers of PUBG Mobile are going through the minute details as you read. At the moment, PUBG Corporation is working on its website in India.

Earlier this week, several users reported that the global version of the game was running successfully sans VPN. The developers were also transferring data from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Mobile India servers as the users were greeted with “account data migration” message.

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On opening the news section ( on the website, users can see an option at the bottom to directly download the APK file or to download the file through the Google Play Store. However, the former leads to a predated announcement while the latter shall redirect the user to PUBG Mobile India’s Facebook page.

This apparently doesn’t mean that the game is available for download but the developers are giving final touch-ups to their website. The page also hints about a new logo for PUBG Mobile India with slight modifications over the global version.

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While the homepage asserts that the game will be “coming soon”, we are not far from the day when PUBG Mobile enthusiasts will rejoice. The Indian version of the game will have green bloodstains, fully clothed characters, and time restrictions among others.