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PUBG Mobile India players greeted with “account data migration” message on loading screen

PUBG Mobile India is on the threshold of getting released in the country after a two-month long hiatus and since the announcement of return, one question arises is that if the old user data is coming back with the new game or not.

The user data is the most precious thing for any PUBG Mobile player that has invested heavily their time and money in-game and there is a possibility that players can gain access to their old user accounts.

According to some users, PUBG Mobile is transferring the user data to PUBG Mobile India servers and this will enable players to access their entire inventory and other things. PUBG Mobile India is going to be a completely different game and hence, most of the players were worried about losing their account.

Similar to Korean version, PUBG Mobile will operate independently, with no connections to the global version and this potentially meant that players needed to create a new account to access the game. This issue is somehow getting resolved as some claims suggest that the entire data transfer is taking place.

In a social media post, a user uploaded a video showing the potential data transfer. In the recording, the user tried to login but a prompt popped up which stated “Can’t log in. Your account is migrated to PUBG Mobile India.”

The authenticity of this video cannot be verified but if it is true, a good news is waiting for the PUBG Mobile players in India. This data transfer will restore the previously purchased UC, acquired skins and season rank-up and other details.

Divyesh Moghe
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