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PUBG Mobile India Download Size Would Be Comparatively Smaller – Report

PUBG Mobile India is set to relaunch in India very soon and new features are getting added to the game to better suit Indian audience. Recently, the global version has implemented a new lightweight installation feature and it can be added to the Indian version right from the start.

PUBG Mobile Lightweight installation drastically changes the size of download package and adds an element of personalized customization for each user. This feature is added to reduce the package size and allow the players to download the resources as they seem fit. The game size has dropped to 600MB from 1GB and other resources which were downloaded in-game are also bifurcated into small chunks.

The download size of PUBG Mobile crossed 2GB with each update but with this feature, it is reduced to less than one gigabyte. Players get an option to either opt for essential resources or download the higher graphics settings which make the game bulkier. The essential resources’ download size is approximately 200MB and the hence, the game size is almost halved if no additional resources are downloaded.

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This feature can easily be implemented to PUBG Mobile India in the very early stages. The game is yet to be released for the region and since the game is just another version of PUBG franchise, there are high chances that the size of game will be low and lightweight installation feature will be implemented right from the start.

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PUBG Mobile India will have slightly changed detailing but the survival battle-royale theme will be maintained, similar to it’s other versions. This size reduction is only applied to android devices for now and can be implemented to Indian version as well.

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