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PUBG Mobile Lightweight Installation: All you need to know

PUBG Mobile has introduced new lightweight installation features that drastically reduces its download size.

PUBG Mobile has employed a new lightweight installation feature that drastically changes the download package size and has added a customization option to all of its resource files. These latest additions will make the game lot smoother for the lower-end device users.

PUBG Mobile lightweight installation function basically reduces the download size of the game by a huge margin and now, the game can be downloaded at an expense of 610MB only. This reduction is very significant as the updates usually hit the 1GB mark, making the game bulkier and bulkier.

This feature is only available for android devices and users can download the game via the Google Play store or official website. After installing the package, players can select two packages based on their preferences. The basic package is around 250MB and downloads only essential files that are absolutely needed to run the game.

The higher-end package size is around 500MB and this includes resource files for HD and above modes. The graphics which usually enhance the game experience can be skipped if players choose a minimalistic game with more smoothness. This will also help lower-end device users as they can now alter almost everything.

Players can always upgrade the files via the download menu provided in the settings. A new smart-download feature is also added to make the downloads easier and assist the user with anything they may need.

If you are just updating the game, the map files and cosmetics will not be hampered and hence, only the update size will be significantly reduced. This addition can be considered as a boon for those who do not have the access to better devices.

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