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Editorials PUBG Mobile Coming Back In India - 5 Things...

PUBG Mobile Coming Back In India – 5 Things You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile is returning to India after a two-month long hiatus and this major comeback will bring a new form of PUBG Mobile in the country.


PUBG Mobile is returning to India after a two-month long hiatus and this major comeback will bring a new form of PUBG Mobile in the country to specifically cater the need of Indian users and regulations.

The game will be quite different than the global version and Krafton has big plans for the Indian region. Here are the five changes related to PUBG Mobile coming back in India.


PUBG Mobile will be completely different than the global version for the Indian player base.

The game which was banned faced its fate due to data security and user privacy concerns and the upcoming PUBG Mobile India is tailored in such a way that these concerns are the top priority for the company.

With the Microsoft Azure collaboration to host all of its data, PUBG Mobile can be said to be more secure in the future.


Krafton has promised to invest $100 million for the Indian region to develop a better esports and overall ecosystem of PUBG Mobile in India.

This is a huge sum of money and possibly the biggest announcement out of this come back.

Such a large investment will provide a more enhanced game development and user experience, esports production and other constructive changes to build a sustainable business in India


The PUBG Mobile esports enthusiasts are in for a treat because the tournaments in India will have a very different look in the future.

The tournaments will follow a league structure in India and this can be compared to the Japan League.

The league-based structure can be seen for the global tournaments like Pro Leagues and World League but this implementation for Indian region exclusively can bring some changes.

India can be potentially recognized as an individual region like Korea and Japan in the game’s esports ecosystem.

CHANGES TO THE GAME – PUBG Mobile India Version

There are some additions and changes that are made in the game client to better suit the Indian audience and the hardcore battle theme is slightly tamed. The new additions include changes in bloodstain colour.

The usual reddish tint of blood will be changed to green in this version and the character model will be fully dressed from the very start of this game.


Krafron is coming in India with full force and as mentioned above, the huge $100M investment will play a big part in it.

Krafton is planning to open a regional office in India to handle the logistics of this game and the company’s other plans. Krafton will hire a workforce of 100 employees to overlook these operations.

Microsoft collaboration played a big role to ensure the data security in India and while the intricacies of the game distribution are not known for now, TalkEsport was the first one to break the story of a PUBG Mobile return after several highly placed sources confirmed the publication.

The PUBG Mobile come back in India has been a rocky path till now and with these changes, the game is all set to get back the famous fan base in India.

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