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Where to find the Exotic Chug Cannon in Fortnite

The Chug Cannon is the latest exotic weapon added with the Chapter 3 Season 3 update and players can purchase it for gold bars.

As its name suggests Chug Cannon fires a slow projectile that automatically heals players and teammates similar to Bandage Bazooka which had a similar healing mechanic. Here’s how players can find and use the Exotic Chug Cannon in Fortnite.

Where To Buy The Exotic Chug Cannon

The Chug Cannon can be purchased from NPC Kyle or obtained from supply Llamas. While obtaining from Supply Llamas is a bit tricky and difficult, purchasing the cannon from Kyle is way easier.

Purchasing the cannon cost 600 gold bars only and will be best suited for a support role player in the squad as the outgoing healing is 15HP per second but with a high reload of 20 seconds. Plus the cannon also works on hirable NPCs and can heal them.

Where to find Kyle NPC in Fortnite

You can find NPC Kyle at his usual location at the red house at the Chop Shop landmark, north of Logjam Lotus. Players can also find Ripsaw Launchers at the Chop Shop landmark which makes it a highly contested drop spot at the start.

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