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What really differentiates Astralis from the rest of the teams

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Winning four majors obviously need cutting edge strategies, besides strategies players of Astralis have stood out with utility proficiency. They must do something above the rest of the teams to hold such a position among the other juggernauts of the game.

They breezed through the group without losing a single map, its safe to say they are a step ahead of the competition. A recent post on Reddit points out a peculiar aiming tendency among the Danes. Any player pro or novice is adviced to keep their crosshair at head height which by the mechanics of CSGO, gets you the highest possible damage that weapon is capable of a single shot.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle of ‘IWillFindAWayToDoIt’ highlighted that Astralis players are aiming for the chest on certain occasions which is utterly unprecedented as pro players have an excellent aim and their shots connect the head more often than not.

Putting out an example, the post is based on how Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif, who is known as an A Site player in Mirage, player tend to pre aim the palace angle from ramp position.

Magisk is quite evidently aiming lower, for the chest unlike players like Liazz and Niko who aim for the head.

Such a crosshair placement is beneficial when players are rushing into you, having a crosshair at chest height with a rifle will tend to inflict significant damage and might kill more than one player with a well-controlled spray as in chokepoints during rushes player tend to line up and having a crosshair on such a position gives the player more ground to cover the spray. Magisk spraying down 4 3D-Max players in as an example of such.

This further explains how Magisk was able to get three quick kills from B site on dust2 against FaZe players.

The Reddit post further covers their aiming techniques in-depth. We strongly encourage readers to refer to it.

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