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Astralis first team to conquer 4 majors, 3 in a row

Astralis was just crowned the Starladder Berlin Major Champions and history has been created after this win by the Danish squad.

Astralis has won a total of 4 majors and what more interesting is that they have won 3 Majors in a row, a thing that has never done before by any team in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive history.

Majors won by Astralis –

  • ELEAGUE Majors 2017
  • FACEIT Major 2018
  • IEM Katowice 2019
  • Starladder Berlin Major 2019

Astralis is the team that has revolutionized how to play this game, they have changed meta’s, they have changed how to use grenades in the game. According to analysts, they are the best team to ever touch this game and the Danes are proving this major after major.

They were the first team to win the first season of the Intel Grand Slam award, a thing that many analysts thought that a team will never win it, winning four Tier 1 titles dominatingly enough.

The Danish squad has 14 Maps streak in the Major Playoffs before coming to this Berlin Major, they have never lost a map in the playoffs and 2-0’d each team that comes in their way of winning the title.

From the previous 2 Major, it feels like a team fights through the playoffs to be in the Grand Finale for losing it by the Danes.

They were the favourites coming into the IEM Katowice 2019 and they showed it that why they were so. Coming to this major they were not the favourites because of their performances before the player break, they showed that they are here to win by eliminating the favourites Team Liquid.

The level of CSGO they play is just sheer brilliance and dominance. Their team play & talent of the players is just exceptional.

Talkesport team Congratulates the Danish squad on their Achievement.


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