device claims StarLadder CSGO Major MVP award

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Nicolai ‘Dev1ce’ Reedtz 24 year old CS:GO player from Denmark, Device has been into the Esports scenario since 2011 where he started his career with the team ‘Copenhagen Wolves’ in Counter Strike:Source.

While started off his CS:GO Career with the same team, Device played under alot of well known teams like ‘Dignitas’ , ‘Heroic’ and ‘Team SoloMid’.

Though he joined the ‘Team Astralis” in 2016, and has been their primary AWPer ever since Astralis has always been one of the most consistent teams in the CS:GO scenarios, they are also now the only team in CS:GO history to win “Three Majors in a row“.

Device had a phenomenal average Impact Rating of “1.47” in the play offs. Especially in the knockout stages, device was the top fragger throughout the whole series, with a total of (313) Kills and getting (148) frags with an AWP, Device was ranked first due to his KDD of (+81).

Device was also noticeable for his other various stats in the leaderboard, with having his rating at (1.26) , kills per round (0.82), Clutches won (7) and opening duel success at (65.8%).

And not only this, but it’s the 14th MVP Award presented to ‘Device’ and it is second to come from a Major Tournament.

In the past year (2018) Device was the one to hold the record for Most HLTV MVP’s in a single year, surpassing ‘GeT_RiGhT’ by winning MVP Awards in 2018.

Being one of the most consistent players of all time, also he’s always been in the Top 5 players since the past 3 years in the HLTV Players of The Year list.

Device is all set to write a new chapter in the book named ‘Counter Strike’

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