As celebrations of the Berlin Major comes to an end, we are expected to witness some drastic changes across several top tier rosters. Here is a list of few players who we can definitely expect to see under a new banner.

Marcelo ‘Coldzera’ David

To kick off the list it would be unfair not to mention the situation surrounding the major winning mercurial Brazilian. Coldzera has always been a player to speak his heart out, and he wasn’t shy to express his troubles with the current MIBR line-up. Coldzera asked to be benched few weeks ahead of the Berlin Major and Zews took his place in the squad. Without Coldzera they failed to make out of the group stage in Berlin. As soon as news of him getting benched surfaced, he was heavily linked with FaZe Clan who themselves didn’t do any better in the major, but Coldzera seem to share a special bond with their star player Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac, the pair has been constantly seen exchanging tweets and NiKo commenting ‘FaZeUp’ on Cold’s Instagram post added fuel to the fire.

Aleksi ‘AleksiB’ Virolainen

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The ice-cold Finn was dropped from the ENCE line up after the major, but his departure was confirmed beforehand as ENCE announced the signing of Mika ‘Sunny’ Kempii who has represented the organization in the past. Unlike Coldzera, Aleksi is still dreaming of his first major and his likely destination is similar to that of Cold, FaZe Clan. FaZe lacking a proper structure to bring out the best from the stars in their line-up, and they are looking uptoAleksiB to be the answer to leadership-related problems. Neo and GuardaiN are likely to leave the organization before the next premier event in ESL One New York.

Richard ‘Shox’ Papillon

The French veteran is reported to be dropped from the G2 roster with necessary changes made before the major, putting AmaNeK up for the IGL role. It is safe to say Shoxy has been a star for every team he has played, shared his major winning moment with the legendary KennyS. Shox with his new teammate Lucky is set to look for a new team with Vitality being a likely destination for Shox, as NBK has been recently dropped from the roster after a disappointing exit from the major, but nothing has linked both parties as of yet. KioShiMa has been linked with the French side and is likely preferred over Shox by them to fit into their structure.

Alongside players without a team, there is a team looking for players to build a roster, which is none other than Nadeshot’s 100Thieves. With investments secured they have pockets deep enough to secure any player they want. When major reach their natural conclusion they bring about a vibe to the excitement with fans deeply invested into knowing what changes might occur with their favourite player or team. This is that time of the year again and we remain equally excited to see how the teams shape up before upcoming events.


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