G2 eSports have finally replaced French veteran IGL Richard ‘shox’ Papillon with another French veteran Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey as his temporary replacement. After another disappointing major exit by G2, they decided to bench Shox and Lucky. The 27-year-old major winner was known as one of the best riflers to ever come out of the French CSGO scene. He was recently stripped of his IGL role and the leadership duties were passed over to new signing AmaNek.

Post major shuffles are underway and more surprises are expected in the coming weeks before ESL One NY commences. Shox is reportedly being targeted as the replacement for NBK who was recently benched from Vitality due to internal issues with the squad, while kioShiMa was also a target beside him. Now as it seems Shox is closer to Vitality more than ever and an official announcement is expected. On September 17, G2 announced that kioShiMa is standing in for Shox for the IEM Beijing qualifier and ESL One New York.

neL reported that kio is a temporary signing for G2, as they immediately need a player to stand in for them in IEM Beijing Qualifiers and ESL One New York later down September. They are still primarily aiming for nexa and huNter from CR4ZY.

kioShiMa is a veteran much like Shox, having played for top teams like FaZe Clan, Cloud9 and EnVyuS. We will see him in action in G2 colors in IEM Beijing qualifiers.

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