While playing Fortnite, you may need to mantle somewhere around the map as mantling has become an important skill in the game. Moreover, there are numerous quests where you have to mantle. Therefore, you need to know what is mantling and how you can do it in Fortnite. Keep reading this article till the end to find out.

What is Mantling in Fortnite?

Mantling is a movement mechanic introduced by Epic Games in Fortnite. It lets you climb up any huge structure without any hassle. Therefore, you can perform mantling to grab the edge of a wall and climb up on it. Previously, this feature wasn’t available in the game.

Now let’s check out how to perform mantling in Fortnite.

How to perform Mantling in Fortnite?

Performing mantling is quite straightforward. Once you reach the edge of a wall or any other structure, press and hold the jump button. Your character will grab the edge and drag itself up. This feature is very helpful as Fortnite is full of huge structures.

Have you already tried it out? If not follow the above-mentioned guide to perform mantling in Fortnite.