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VALORANT Champions 2022 Skin Bundle Revealed

Riot Games has returned back with their anticipated championship bundle with VALORANT Champions 2022 starting at the end of this month. As a part of this bundle, the developers are launching some exclusive skins and here is all you need to know about Champions bundle.

VALORANT Champions 2022 is the tournament of the year with top teams from around the world travelling to Istanbul to compete against each other and claim the throne. To celebrate this tournament in-game as well, the developers have provided a Champions 2022 bundle.

This bundle will include a ton of goodies but the most eye-catching part of this skin pack is two beautiful skins; Champions 2022 Phantom and Butterfly Knife. These skins have their own perks and apart from that, some other goodies are also available.

The Phantom skin would be similar to a legendary skin with its own sounds, visual effects that will evolve after every five kills and some other things. The butterfly knife has some secrets of its own and they are unveiled only if a player topfrags with it.

Apart from this, there is an event pass that will give free items to active players. Players can also link their accounts to Twitch to be eligible for broadcast drops.

VALORANT Champions 2022 will start on 31st August and will conclude on 18th September. Half of the revenue collected from the skin collection directly goes to the tournament prize pool.

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