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Valorant Champions 2022: Teams, Format and Schedule

The VCT NA LCQ concluded last night with 100 thieves becoming the last team of the 16 teams participating in the Valorant Champions Istanbul. The tournament is set to start on 2 September and conclude on 18 September. 

What is Valorant Champions? 

The Valorant Champions is an end-of-the-year Valorant Champions Tour concluding tournament where 16 teams are selected to play for the coveted Valorant Champions title. 

The tournament last year concluded with Ascend winning the tournament, and a similar pattern is likely to follow this year around. The Valorant Champions 2022 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey and will feature a live crowd where teams will battle on the stage for the Valorant Champions trophy. 

How are the teams selected for Valorant Champions?

There are two ways for a team to be qualified for Valorant Champions. The first is accumulating circuit points by winning matches and tournaments that are part of the Valorant Champions tour. Ten teams are selected based on circuit points. 

The circuit point selection is region-wise, and each region is allotted a max of two slots for the tournament. 

The teams selected to circuit points are: 

  • Asia Pacific (2 teams)
    • Paper Rex 1050 points (Benkai, mindfreak, D4v4i, f0rsaken, Jinggg)
    • XERXIA esports 300 points (foxz, Surf, Crws, sScary, Sushiboys)
  • Brazil (1 team)
    • LOUD 650 points (Sacy, aspas, Saadhak, pancada, Less)
  • EMEA (2 teams)
    • FunPlus Phoenix 1200 points (Ange1, Ardiis, Shao, Suygetsu, Zyppan)
    • Fnatic 525 points (Boaster, Mistic, Derke, Alfajer, Enzo)
  • Japan (1 team)
    • Zeta Division 475 points (Laz, Dep, crow, SugerZ3ro +1)
  • Korea (1 team)
    • DRX 550 points (Stax, Rb, Zest, BuZz, MaKo)
  • LATAM (1 team)
    • Leviatan 355 points (Tacolilla, Melser, adverso, kiNgg, Shyy)
  • North America (2 Teams)
    • Optic Gaming 1250 points (FNS, Crashies, Victor, Marved, Yay)
    • XSET (dephh, Zekken, BcJ, Cryocells, Ayrin)

The second is winning the qualifying regional LCQ, which gave us additional six teams. 

The winners and the last six qualifier teams per region:

    • BOOM esports (blaZeK1ng, Famouz, tehbotol, BerserX, flipzjder)
  • VCT East Asia LCQ:
    • EDward Gaming (Zmjjkk, Chicho, Life, Haodong, Nobody)
    • Team Liquid (Jamppi, Nivera, soulcas, Scream, Dimasick)
    • 100 Thieves (Asuna, stellar, Will, Derrek, bang)
    • KRU esports (Nagz, keznit, delz1k, Klaus, Mazino)
    • FURIA(nzr, Quick, Khalil, Mazin, dgzin)

What would be the format of Valorant Champions? 

The 16 teams mentioned above would be initially divided into groups of four, playing a double-elimination bracket where two teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs. 

The eight qualified teams will once again play in a double-elimination bracket, with the team winning the grand finals and crowned as the Valorant Champion 2022.

All the matches played will be Bo3s except the Grand finals and the lower bracket finals, which will be Bo5s.

What is the schedule for Valorant Champions?

The Valorant Champions will kick off on 2 September with the Group stages. The detailed schedule is yet to be released, but the playoffs will immediately follow the Group stage, with the last three days will be open to the live audience, concluding on 18 September. 

The Valorant Champions 2022 would be the biggest Valorant Tournament and one of the most amazing. Stay tuned as we bring you all the news and updates.

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