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How to collect Valorant Champions 2022 Twitch drops for free

Twitch drops has been a common method of community engagement for esports for the better part of Twitch existence. Handing out digital gifts that effectively cost nothing whist keeping the audience glued to the screen will is a no brain situation for any organizer.

With the Valorant Champions on its way, Riot has confirmed that Twitch drops will be there for those watching the tournament. Held in Istanbul, the tournament will feature 16 of the top teams that will attract audience from all across the globe.

How to get Valorant Champions 2022 Twitch drops for free

Riot has confirmed the three items that will be offered as Twitch drop and here’s the timeline for it.

  • “Fire” Title
  • 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray
  • 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card

The “Fire” title, can be found during a live game between August 31 and September 13. The 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray, fans will have to watch a live game between September 16-17. Finally the big 2022 VCT Hero Card will be dropped when fans watch atleast one of the maps in the Finals.

All this effort will go in vain if you do not link your Riot Account to Twitch, and here’s how to do it:

  • Make your way to Twitch settings.
  • Under connections tab, you will find Riot.
  • Hit the connect button and login with your Riot account.
  • Thereby, both accounts should be linked.

It is as easy as that. Upon linking, watch the games to make sure the drops make their way to you.

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