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How to register for Tom Clancy’s XDefiant beta?


Ubisoft’s next Tom Clancy’s title, XDefiant, which is a free-to-play class-based first-person shooter, was announced yesterday. Teams consisting of 6 players will be able to choose a character each from four factions – Cleaners, The Wolves, Outcasts, and Echelon, each having their own roles and abilities. Ubisoft’s creative director Jason Schroeder and executive producer Mark Rubin have stated that XDefiant combines “realistic gunplay with personalized classes” where players have the freedom to customize and create their own load-outs, regardless of the character they’ve chosen.

While the game is still in the early stages of development, players can register for XDefiant’s closed beta which is set to launch on August 5 for PC, Xbox One & Series S|X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

  • To enroll in the beta preview of the game, head to XDefiant’s official site and log in using your Ubisoft connect account.
  • Select your preferred platform and you’ll be registered for the upcoming closed beta.

Although invites aren’t guaranteed, there will be more tests in the future based on adjustments made due to player feedback.

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Ubisoft’s previous free-to-play shooter title, Hyperscape, which is a battle-royale game, failed to garner attention as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone still remains largely popular among battle-royale fans so it’ll be interesting to see how XDefiant performs. Ubisoft has more free-to-play titles in the works, mainly another Tom Clancy title called The Division: Heartland which is likely to release sometime next year.

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