H3H3 roasts Trainwrecks, Adin Ross, and more upon Twitch return

Popular YouTube commentator/podcast host Ethan Klein aka H3H3 has returned to Twitch after 3 years of inactivity on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Klein was popular for his controversial actions during his podcast which put him at odds with many. It did not take long for him to put out unsatisfactory comments on Twitch content creators including the likes of Adin Ross and Trainwrecks.

H3H3 announced his return with a “daily entertainment” stream where he’ll react to everything that viewers provide. The stream did not take long to get controversial in typical H3H3 fashion.

Having called Adin a “little punk,”. He continued “This kid… has been really p*ssing me off lately. The gambling sh*t and the crypo sh*t, he’s just not a good dude.”

“I don’t know him personally, but it seems like he’s willing to do anything to make money off the back of his fans and laugh about it,” he added.

His rant on Ross was followed by similar comments on Trainwrecks “I’ve heard about this guy. [He] just gambles all day,” he said. “I personally find this to be really, really, really, really messed up. Let’s see what he’s up to right now. Let’s watch Trainwrecks get kids hooked to gambling.”

He moved on to like Amouranth, whose content was too “graphic” to his taste, and believes that it would get age-restricted had the platform been YouTube.

Even though the drama did not escalate any further after he ironed the wrinkles with Adin over a phone call. Not to mention that this was his first stream and the risk of yet another H3H3 controversy was looming over Ethan.