How to destroy large sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles in Fortnite?

motorboat missile fortnite

The No Sweat Summer event has brought in several exciting quests into Fortnite. Apart from the Crash Pad and the Boogie Bomb quest, the Motorboat Missile quest can also provide you a lot of XP in the game.

This article will discuss where to find the large sea buoys and how to destroy them with motorboat missiles to complete the quest. Keep reading till the end.

How to destroy large sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles?

The red structures with colored balloons on the top are called Large Sea Buoys. On the eastern side of the map, you will find a lot of them.

However, you need to find out a motorboat first. You will get one from the motorboat dock situated on the southeast of Daily Bugle. The exact location is marked on the map below:

motorboat dock

Enter into a motorboat and drive it near a large sea buoy. Then just aim at it and fire a missile. You need a total of two missiles to completely destroy a large sea buoy.

Keep destroying multiple lar sea buoys to complete the quest. Once you complete the quest, a lot of in-game XP will be rewarded to you.