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How to Inspect CS2 Skins & Sticker Crafts?

Inspecting Your Dreams: A Guide to CS2 Skin & Sticker Previews

There exists a thriving community around the skin market in CS2 which you might or might not know about, although there is something cool about owning a skin and decorating it with multiple stickers. This eternal joy is induced through an in-game purchase, meaning if the big decision could be simplified by letting you inspect the Skins and stickers before you make the jump, would you decline? Definitely not.

How to inspect CS2 skins?

Firstly, congratulations on having the money to buy the skins. In case we didn’t address you in the earlier line, click here. Regardless, let’s see how to inspect CS2 skins without stickers through the Steam marketplace

Begin by searching the skin, by simply typing out its name and pressing on the correct listing with the correct SKU (Wear rating) 

Once you’ve landed on the correct item, click on “Inspect in game” to either launch a menu in-game (if you have CS2 already open) or watch as the game boots up & takes you to a menu where you will see the skin applied on a weapon. Either way, you will be able to spectate the skin seamlessly. 

Once you’ve admired the skin’s beauty, you can decide whether you still want to make the purchase or not!

Get your favorite CS2 Sticker

Well, this is a sticky wicket. To inspect CS2 stickers, there is no in-game feature but that doesn’t mean you have to spend millions to do it. All you need is a free sticker craft site that will let you use a custom CS2 inspect server. Here is a suggestion that is used community-wide called, CS2inspects.com 

Once on the website, go through the menu to land on a similar page:

Select any skin from here and try to play around with the “Customize Sticker” button which was a recently announced feature within CS2 where custom placement of stickers can be done.

Once you place the sticker wherever you want to, copy the gen code for the CS2 sticker craft – a large number that begins with “!g” at the bottom of the screen.

How to spectate the CS2 Sticker?

Okay, now that you have your gen code, it’s time to join an inspect server. One of the server groups that have worked best for us are the Epidemic’s inspect servers, with multiple map options. 

So here you go, copy one of these IPs into your CS2 console to hop on to a server:

  • connect inferno.epidemic.gg
  • connect nuke.epidemic.gg
  • connect dust2.epidemic.gg
  • connect vertigo.epidemic.gg
  • connect mirage.epidemic.gg
  • connect siege.epidemic.gg
  • connect biome.epidemic.gg
  • connect thera.epidemic.gg
  • connect overpass.epidemic.gg
  • connect ancient.epidemic.gg
  • connect italy.epidemic.gg
  • connect office.epidemic.gg
  • connect anubis.epidemic.gg
  • connect memento.epidemic.gg
  • connect lostcoast.epidemic.gg
  • connect infernonight.epidemic.gg
  • connect nukenight.epidemic.gg
  • connect sakura.epidemic.gg
  • connect trade.epidemic.gg

Choosing the appropriate map is a choice, and doesn’t matter as long as you have some nice-looking background to take screenshots and flex on social media, you phony. Jokes aside, once you’ve connected, paste the gen code you generated earlier in the in-game chat with the apropos syntax, which looks something like this:

Once you key in the code, send it and watch your favorite CS2 sticker craft in your hands, ready for a spin. Drop it, shoot around, and iterate on your ideas of the sticker placement, all before committing to the purchase!

One tiny issue

Once you start trying this method out, you will start noticing that applying different stickers on the same skin, during the same sessions more often than not doesn’t update the stickers in the game. Do not worry, this is a common occurrence. To resolve this, just pull up your CS2 console, and type in “regenerate_weapon_skins” and the problem should immediately resolve itself. 

If you want more such tips around CS2, click here. Leave us a follow on Instagram to get the latest updates on everything Esports.

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