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Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Skins, Price, Release Date & More

Embrace the Magic with Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Skin Collection

Riot Games has recently revealed the Evori Dreamwings skin collection, which is the next skin bundle to come to Valorant, and fans of the competitive shooter are excited to know more about all the contents that the upcoming bundle will bring to the game.

The Evori Dreamwings skin bundle in Valorant is as cute as it is deadly, and it seems to have taken inspiration from the ‘Star Guardian’ skin line in League of Legends.

Ready to find out more about the new Valorant skin collection? We have you covered.

Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle: All Skins

Here are all the weapon skins that will be included as part of the Evori Dreamwings bundle in Valorant:

  • Vandal
  • Spectre
  • Odin
  • Ghost
  • Melee

Each weapon in the Evori Dreamwings collection features a unique “familiar” that “accompanies you throughout the match and transforms, animates, and emotes.” The familiars that you’ll be able to find in the bundle include a cat, bunny, bear, mouse, and butterfly.

The skins in the Evori Dreamwings bundle feature four levels that can be unlocked using Radianite Points. You will also be able to choose from four color variants: Green, Pink, Orange, and Purple.

Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Price

The Evori Dreamwings Valorant bundle is expected to be an Ultra-tier bundle, which means that each skin in the bundle will cost you a pocket pinch of 2,475 VP, except for the melee which will cost you around 4,850 VP instead.

Players looking to grab the entire bundle may have to spend around 9,900 VP for the Evori Dreamwings collection.

Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Release Date

As already confirmed by Riot Games, the Evori Dreamwings bundle will hit your Valorant store two days after the release of the Episode 9 Act 1 update on June 27, 2024.

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