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Nitr0 Is Coming Back to Counter-Strike

Captain America Returns: nitr0 Announces CS Comeback, Team Liquid Favored Destination

Nick “⁠nitr0⁠” Cannella is once again eyeing a comeback in CS after his stint with M80’s Valorant roster.

nitr0 career as of late has swayed between Valorant and CS but after his run with Team Liquid back in 2019, Captain America failed to establish any sort of consistency in whatever team he played for, leading him to sway between teams and esports.

This news follows cadiaN’s departure from Team Liquid who shares a lot of roles with nitr0 by being an AWPer and IGL. As North America faces a serious crisis in the IGL department, nitr0 announces his comeback and something tells us, that Team Liquid will be his destination.

“VALORANT was not what I expected it to be, and I didn’t see a future for myself. CS is home, and with the lack of IGLs in NA, this is where I belong. I still have a lot to offer to NA CS and can’t wait to give CS2 everything I have,” said nitr0.

nitr0’s statement did not specify a destination for him but Liquid is likely where he is headed. Team Liquid has been the face of North American CS for a long time despite a Major eluding them but their downfall. Liquid has diversified into getting players from different regions to form an international roster and they are likely looking at nitr0 to lead the project after cadiaN failed to do so.

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