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How to fix “Audio not Working” error in High on Life?

As is the case with any new game, High on Life is plagued with a plethora of bugs that may look insignificant on the face of so many good things that the game has to offer. High on Life, has been something of a phenomenon lately ever since it dropped and gamers are having a gala time with it.

High on Life has so many elements for gamers to enjoy. The quirky and unnatural design of the game is something that players have never seen before. High on Life has been infested with several bugs and one of them has been the “Audio not Working” error that most players have faced to date.

The “Audio not Working” error has been plaguing the game for a long time in High on Life where the sound of the game cuts off in the middle of nowhere. While there is no apparent fix to it, there are ways around the bug, and here’s how:

Unfortunately, this underlying issue has no fix as of now but there are some quick remedies that might see you get through it. Although the fixes are very basic and do not guarantee the issues will not surface again but one can use them when facing this or any other issues that have already been plaguing the game.

Audio Enhancements

Nowadays, laptops and computers come with Spatial audio by Dolby or Microsoft that interferes with game engines to provide gamers with a better audio experience, and any disparity in the game engine might result in the audio getting completely muted. Try disabling all and every audio enhancement.

Restart the Game and the PC

Restart the game and the computer. If there are any underlying issues that have no apparent fix. Restarting the game and computer will make sure the game gets reset and in no time a lot of issues will be ironed out.

Reinstall the Game and fix the Game files

Check for problems with game files. Head over to Steam to check for the integrity of game files and reinstall the game if need be. Once you get the files checked, there is little to no room for temporary bugs.

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